A T   A   G L A N C E

Who We Are

Goldland Group, founded by Budijono Widjaja, is a distinguished conglomerate with a rich history that dates back to 1951. Originally starting as a batik and textile manufacturing industries under the entities PT Garuda Batik Textile, PT Grandtex, PT South Grandtex, PT Yamatex Spinning and PT Superbtex, the company expanded its operations over the years. In 1973, PT Beta Goldland was established, marking the group's entry into real estate development and acquiring valuable landbanks. The year 1981 saw the establishment of PT Bina Sarana Mekar, further diversifying the group's portfolio and expertise. Goldland Group also ventured into the financial sector in 1975 by acquiring shares of Bank International Indonesia, demonstrating its strategic move beyond its core industries.

Goldland Group's first real estate development project was Taman Alfa Indah, an 80-hectare landbank. The group formed a strategic partnership with Argo Pantes Group to establish PT Alfa Goldland Realty (now PT Alam Sutera Realty Tbk) and launched this project in 1979, before selling all shares. As part of their strategic shift, Goldland Group later decided to refocus its efforts and sold all shares in the bank and textile manufacturing companies, directing their attention and resources towards their core strength in real estate development.

Today, Goldland Group thrives as a prominent player in the real estate sector, leveraging its expertise in land acquisition and development to deliver exceptional projects. The group has acquired more than 1,000 hectares of land, establishing reputation as a pioneer in land acquisition in Tangerang and experts in identifying potential land for new developments. Over the years, the group has constructed and sold houses, providing homes to approximately 25,000 people. As part of their business strategy, Goldland Group has sold some of the acquired lands to prominent developers, who have transformed them into preeminent housing developments. Notable examples include Green Lake City, Metland Puri, and Alam Sutera.

With a commitment to growth, innovation and customer satisfaction, Goldland Group continues to thrive in the real estate sector, leaving a lasting impact on lifestyle, sustainability, legacy and value.